October 16, 2017

About The Rehab Agent

About the Rehab AgentJason Dawson, The Rehab Agent is a licensed REALTOR® and active professional Real Estate Investor serving buyers looking for discounts on properties and sellers of pretty houses and houses that need repair in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area.  As a member of the National Association of REALTOR®s (NAR) and the South East Valley Association of REALTOR®s (SEVRAR), Jason is committed to the highest standard of service to you as the client.  He has also invested in, and very big on continual education, over 450 hours of training in Real Estate Investing, Social Media, technology, and rehabbing homes courses hands on to provide the latest technology and trends towards finding great deals and marketing homes to sell quickly.

Buying an investment or primary home should be fun and exciting, not tedious and stressful.  We get the ball rolling by giving you access to latest and greatest technology tools such as the official “FlexMLS” MLS system, electronic forms and contracts, and electronic document signatures.

  • For our buyers we believe in a simple, calculated approach that targets the property you want quickly and then put together a “we’re here to buy a home so let’s do it” offer strategy using market statistics and special contract addendums to make the winning offer.
  • For our sellers, we’re here to sell your house – so we use the same “we’re here to sell a house so let’s do it” pricing strategy using market statistics to price your house competitively and get it sold fast while getting you the highest dollar amount possible.

Everything begins with a quick consultation – feel free to contact us however you’re most comfortable.

Call us at 480.620.8874, you can send us an email, you can fax us at 888.443.1644, friend and message us on Facebook, contact us on Linkedin, or message and follow us on Twitter.

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