October 16, 2017

Our Services – Arizona Buyers, Sellers, Investors

The Rehab Agent offers a variety of services for buyers, sellers, investors, rehab project management. Below you will find a list of services with a brief description.

  • Buyers – In addition to our real estate investor clients, we work with people everyday to purchase homes all over the Phoenix Metro area. Buying a home in today’s real estate environment, you never know what kind of home you are going to purchase so working with a real estate agent who specializes in homes that need rehab can help you if you are only trying to buy a home to live in that doesn’t need any major rehab work.
  • Sellers – Home sellers of all types are great customers for us to work with as we have home buying clients from the very savvy real estate investor all the way to the first time home buyer. No matter whether you are looking for an investment property or a move-in ready home we can help you.
  • Investors – If you are a real estate investor looking for someone with a keen eye on great rehab properties we’re a good choice for you – we are experienced.
  • Private Money – Good real estate deals don’t sit around too long and going the traditional route for financing might not be fast enough. Maybe your credit isn’t where the traditional lenders want it to be, but you have some cash for down payment. We have access to private financing to make a deal happen quick.
  • Investor Management Services – We offer a variety of services from project management to sales and marketing. Do you need someone to manage your project we’re very skilled at project management – we have been managing our own projects for years as well as those of some of investors.

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