June 24, 2017

Real Estate Investor / Investment Management Services

We believe quality should come standard on every rehab project. We want to have the best home for sale in the neighborhood when we’re done with yours and our remodels. We have developed a system to seamlessly rehab homes with a minimum work of new paint and carpet for the “new home feel.” Some homes require more extensive work, but our rehab work sets our investors properties apart from all of the short-sales and bank owned homes, giving them a resale edge on other houses for sale.

If you’re interested in remodeling a home for fix/flip, a rental, or your personal residence we can definitely help. You will receive 100% access to our team of licensed contractors & remodelers for the best pricing and timely work completions. See some of our rehab work on previous fix and flips.

Prices may vary depending on each project, please feel free to contact us for help even on small projects.

Removing Tile Floor Wall Replacement and New Cabinets
Bathroom Improvements Painting