November 22, 2017

Arizona Real Estate Investment Private Money

Az Real Estate Investment FinancingLending institutions have either tightened down their guidelines or stopped lending all together for a lot of investors.  So, the people with money are in great position.  A private money lender can lend money to another real estate investor, for the purpose of purchasing a home, and make a profit with the loan.  We can show you how to find private money and secure them with a lien against the property, protect them with insurance and set up the terms of the private money loan so it’s a win/win for everyone.

If you are a private money lender, or an individual with money in an IRA, savings, a CD, or just your bank account and you’re either not happy with the returns or curious of how you can safely a higher interest rate on your money… get started lending money and making a profit, or email Jason directly or call 480.620.8874 for a private consultation.

We have access to a variety of great money sources for our investor and home buyers.

  • Traditional financing sources
  • Soft money (between traditional financing and hard money)
  • Multiple hard money lenders

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