November 24, 2017

Phoenix Real Estate Statistics

The great news for Phoenix Real Estate Statistics for March, 2011 is it’s sales figure of 9,933 homes sold! 

This is the highest monthly sales total in the previous SIXTY-SIX (yes, 66) months.  This March figure is also the 5th highest sales record since 2001 when ARMLS started tracking these Phoenix real estate trends.  This statisic represents a 38.8% gain over the February total sales and complets the upward pattern for the first quarter of 2011.  Over 40% of these homes were investors and buyers paying cash for real estate.

The month over month gains since January are not unusual for to see each year because of the holidays and year end sales always being a bit sluggish, but March’s claim to the highest sale in five years definitely is.  Clearly investors and buyers are taking advantage of the affordability of the Phoenix real estate market.  Click on the PDF document here to see all the cash sales in Maricopa County.  Cash Sales – April 2011.  42.3% of the April sales in 2011 were purchased with cash!

Click on the PDF document here ,StatPlus-Q1-2011, to see the ARMLS Stat Plus Quarter 1 of 2011 Phoenix real estate market statistics.

For more on local Phoenix real estate stats – or other cities in Phoenix, contact Jason Dawson today online or call 480.442.9809 for what areas you’re interested in learning about:
     –  Rental rates
     –  Average days on market
     –  List price versus sales price
     –  Average sales price of positive cash flow properties
     –  Monthly sold units in certain cities or subdivisions
     –  Or any other Phoenix real estate statistic that you’re interested in!

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