February 18, 2018

Arizona Real Estate Investment Options

Smart investors world wide are looking to take advantage of the Arizona real estate investment options.

Acquiring  and investing in Arizona real estate has never been easier. Our goal as your Arizona Investment Realtor team, is to help show investors what options they have and how to make the right investing decision that meets their real estate needs – whether you’re looking to remodel a home,  lease to purchase, fixer upper homes, buy Arizona rental properties or find a vacation home. 

Arizona Real Estate Investment Options

Here is a simple spreadsheet that we created to show you the best real estate investments in Arizona… it shows the Rental Rates versus Sales Prices in metro Phoenix year to date from 1/1/2011 to 4/29/2011.

Phoenix has a variety of neighborhoods and also impressive master-planned communities – creating great opportunity for investors to pick up Arizona rental properties that will rent quickly and have very low vacancy rates. Some of the best real estate investments in Arizona one of the most sought after real estate markets in the Phoenix metro area. 

We have found that the “sweet spot” homes for investors to purchase… or the most desirable homes to aquire quality tenants are:
     –  single family homes
     –  3-4 bedrooms
     –  2-3 bathroms
     –  1,450 square feet to 2,000 square feet
     –  single story homes
     –  homes built in 1995 and newer
     –  homes without a pool

Are you ready to get started and start looking into buying investment properties in Phoenix AZ now?

Arizona is in the middle of the perfect storm for potential investors. 
    1.)  Prices have reached record lows… median home price is about $125,000 in Phoenix – down from $335,000 at the peak of the market in 2005.
    2.)  A lot of great people have been caught up in the falling home prices… forcing them to short sale or foreclose on their home.  Now they can’t qualify for a loan – but they still have good jobs and steady income… making them great candidates for a quality tenant.

There are great options for profitable real estate investing in Arizona with lots of options.  To cover all your options and come up with the right game plan for your goals… contact Jason Dawson, your Arizona Real Estate Investor Realtor today at 480.442.9809 or jason@TheRehabAgent.com.

Smart investors from all over the world are looking to take advantage of the Arizona real estate investment options, you can too.

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