February 24, 2018

What is a brand new remodel?

What is a “brand new” remodeled home?

There’s a lot of ugly houses that Arizona real estate investors are picking up for good deals, fixing them up to really nice, current market standarss and making them really beautiful homes – essentially brand new.  There are brand new remodeled homes in all areas of Phoenix, all price ranges and all different types of homes.

This is a remodeled Phoenix kitchen.

A lot of buyers like the idea of buying a brand new home versus one that someone else has lived in, a resale home, but with prices where they are right now in our market it might make more sense to purchase a resale home.  A lot of times you can’t build a home in Phoenix right now for what you can buy a discounted property for.

Most of the brand new builds are on the outskirts of town… so you have the choice of buying a brand new home and having a little further commute to things around town or purchasing a home in town that’s closer to whatever it is that you’re interested in being closer to!

If you want to see some of my investor clients brand new remodels or any other remodels around town, call Jason Dawson The Rehab Agent at 480.620.8874 or send us an email.

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