February 24, 2018

Simple Bathroom Remodel Ideas

House rehabbers regard bathrooms as one of the most important areas in a home to fix up. Besides the kitchen, they will spend a significant portion of the rehab budget in this part of the house. Bathrooms can often make or break home sales. At the end of a renovation they budget is usually tight and it’s easy to skip over the little things – but the little things are ofter the emotional triggers which could help sell the home fast. Here are some easy bathroom improvements you can do to help sell your home quicker.

  1. One of the cheapest but most effective simple repairs is installing a tower bar and bathrobe hooks. Small details like these are actually very helpful when flipping properties.
  2. Install the towel rack. Make sure the towel rack material matches with the lights, towel hooks and toilet paper holders.  If you’re doing brush nickel throughout the house make sure they match – you don’t want items to clash.
  3. Have nice medicine cabinets if there is room. When flipping properties, you don’t need the fancy models, just the cheap cabinets will do. Once they are installed and clean they’ll look sharp – again, make sure they match your faucets and towel rack accessories. 
  4. Boot that old faucet out. It’s standard to replace all faucets, shower heads, and handles when rehabbing bathrooms. Like towel bars and bathrobe hooks, these are very cheap pieces that greatly affect the overall look and appeal of a bathroom. They’e easy to replace or you can have a plumber do it for cheap.
  5. Light it up. At The Rehab Agent team, we can seem to get enough of minute details. So, don’t forget to make sure you have great lighting. Where do the ladies spend their time looking beautiful for their men?  That’s right – make sure they have enough light to do their business!

Remember these simple upgrades before you start ruling out items on the flipping property business budget. When flipping properties, stay focused on the rehab job to do quality work so you don’t rush to put an unfinished home up for sale.  Good luck!

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