November 24, 2017

What Is A HUD Home?

Ever heard of a HUD Home? If not, keep reading. I’m going to cover them in this post as they do fall right in line with the types of properties that my clients deal with through TheRehabAgent.

So, what is a HUD Home? A HUD home is a home that HUD (Housing and Urban Development) foreclosed on. The mortgage that was on a HUD home was a FHA mortgage versus a VA loan. One common myth about foreclosures in general is that homes are going into foreclosure because of bad mortgage programs offered by lenders. This isn’t necessarily the case, especially when it comes to HUD homes. Across the board, low VA rates, FHA rates, conventional financing rates, and loan programs have very little to do about why a home was foreclosed on. Neither is it the case that a home’s physical condition had anything to do with the foreclosure. Rather and in many cases, HUD home foreclosures stem from some sort of financial hardship that the owner of the home was not able to recover from.

Phoenix has a lot of HUD Homes For Sale are available for purchase. Unlike a traditional resale homes, HUD homes are sold “as-is” which means they are sold no matter the condition of the home – so long as it is not condemned by the local governing municipality. This is unlike other types of homes being sold which typically require them to be in some sort of livable condition – this is especially true if you are going to use financing.

HUD homes in many cases are not in the best of shape when they go to sale because the former owner had no reason to keep the property looking nice. In some cases, the departing owner might even damage the property as they vacate it during the foreclosure process.

TheRehabAgent can help you assess whether or not you want to purchase a HUD home. They do make great fix and flip opportunities for real estate investing as well as great starter homes if you are prepared for the work and the expense.

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